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_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This group is available to anyone who wants to take over as host. Please contact AW support to help. I am leaving ArtWanted and tried for a few months to get someone to take over, with no success. I would hate to see the group being closed. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This group is where you can add all your favourite reflection pics/artworks. It can be reflections in the water, the ocean, against a building, in a mirror, in a window, retina (eye) reflections, etc. Please adhere to AW policies. No rules here, but your image MUST reflect the subject: REFLECTIONS. PLEASE check out the postings in this group for some interesting photos & tips on REFLECTIONS. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NEWS FLASHES: *** January 2008 *** I was away for a few weeks, but am back now! Thanks to all the members who joined this wonderful group in my absence! And thank you for the awesome pics you uploaded! May you all have a wonderful new year. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ***February 2009*** ~ Would the group members be interested in a challenge? ~ Please let me know what you think & also give some ideas on what you want to see in the group. ______________________________________________________________________________________ ***14 February 2009*** A happy Valentine's Day Wish from me to all the members! May you enjoy romance, love & warmth today & throughout the whole year!
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