Artist Bio

Self Portrait

I just decided to recognise to myself the fact that I love ART.

I have been most of my life a daugther, a wife, a mum, a NGO Office Manager, a graphic designer and finally a trying out artist.

My paintings are about the new and fresh way that I'm looking at life right now. I try to address a wide range of feelings and aims. I love the nature of color, the dancing of drawing, the movement and darkenes of the Ink, the soft way of Pastels, the black in charcoals and the imperfection of my lines!

Being a Cuban that spent 12 years of her life serving the people of Cambodia, was and it is an unique experience. I went there expecting to give and I came back receiving more than what I was able to give.

I'm very grateful.

I hope to continue giving more and more with my paintings... is just a HOPE.

Artist Highlights