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I create Surrealist Art that is meant to alter the auric energy of the environment that it is in. These are subconscious drawings that are inspired aesthetically by my knowledge in Art Therapy, Spirituality, and Intuitive Medicine. The subject-matter is highly psychological, and they are all mostly mixed-media pieces. Every piece is one of a kind since the process of making these is what makes the Art all the more intriguing. Drawing helps me analyze my emotions and thus, to work through them. Instead of writing in a journal, I am drawing out my subconscious thoughts. This offers an alternative way to connect with my higher self, so that I find solutions that are inside of me rather than outside of me. Here, I do away with all distractions that seek to overpower my truest voice. As an aspiring Art Therapist and believer in a higher power, I hope that you would find my art just as enjoyable as I do.

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