7 minute sumi-e from live model before a live audience for an AIDS charity. Sold.

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Richard Standard 02 Jul 2010

Snarko, Excellent free gestural technique. Superb compositions You work with great subtlety and control... in the moment. Very impressive portfolio so far - Do you have your musician husband play music while you create your art in performance? I will look forward to your further work posted to this site. Richard

Artist Reply: Thanks for a true critique! And funny you use the word "control"; while true (I even learned to control a splatter in length and direction), I'm not allowed anywhere live without a tarp (nicknamed "tarp girl"). My husband is usually also creating art at these events, though doesn't consider himself an artist, but plays while I work at home. Music heavily affects my brush strokes. In this case, being an AIDS charity, music was techno!