Laurel, Sitting

Experiment with live model in 7 minutes using acrylic, graphite, and raw pigment on paper.


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Clive Elias Suffield-Thompson 29 Aug 2017

Very nice work!

Olga van Dijk 01 Jul 2010

tell me more....

Artist Reply: The paper's a less expensive watercolor-color paper (machine rough-pressed), so very textural. This helps. Golden fluid acrylic squirted straight from bottle for the major lines needed. After that, pretty much went nuts dragging the pencils (several sharpened so I wouldn't have to stop for it) through the paint, which would only carry so far across the texture before the pencil just went back to being a pencil. Pigment dropped over wet paint for fun from time to time and dragged with it. At least I THINK this is how it happened. This run was one of those true "zen" moments where I zoned in completely, kept swapping materials with another bored artist that night (she decided to paint with a stick from outside), there was no attack plan going in, and I just kept laughing at the results.

Beatrix Jahn 01 Jul 2010

Wonderfully done with senual flowing lines! Attracitve work!