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The Road less traveled (diptych)

This is my 200th portfolio image!

July 4th, 2010

Part of my teaching program "HOW TO MAKE YOUR CANVASES POP" is painting a diptych with lots of texture.
Hover over the painting with the quick- zoom feature to see all the details and textures in this diptych (2 times 12x12 inches) box canvas!

If you're interested to know how to paint your own,
I invite you to take a series of classes at OLGarts Studio!

I will teach you with a powerpoint presentation
the series of steps necessary to get your own stunning result .

During the month of June, July and August
I'll teach my art students how to use different heavy and light TEXTURES
in their
(abstract collage) artwork.

I'll teach you how to skillfully use texture(s)
to create contrast, stimulating the senses,
to give a composition both unity and variety.

Picture 2 shows you a little what we did.
(The "road" is a piece of silk!)

About the colors: I decided to give this diptych a metal look and used for shades in the complementary colors of gold: That could be green or blue/purple.
I choose for the colder blues and purple since the gold and copper are very rich and hot colors.
Then I painted the sides black and it's ready to be hung.
I'm very content with the end result of this diptych!

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2©1©
This is another OLGartsProduction©2010

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Sep 2016


cathy sharpe 26 Nov 2010

Fabulous textural work!

Nikolay Semyonov 30 Jun 2010

great artwork!


Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jun 2010

Much Luck With Your Classes!! Janet G.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jun 2010

Much Luck With Your Classes!! Janet G.