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We Took the Road Less Traveled

I took this photograph while traveling in Ireland in May, 2009. My sister & I stayed almost a week in the Connemara region. It's a beautiful, haunting place...very rugged and wild. You can drive for miles and not see a person or a house anywhere, but lots of sheep. It had some of the most mystical light I've ever seen anywhere. At certain times of the day, it was like magic. I fell in love with it. The clouds are magnificent and I loved the way they seem to get hung on the mountains. It never failed to amaze me the whole time we were there. ©Patricia Griffin Brett Copyright :: All Rights Reserved Registered :: Mon Dec 07 03:13:17 UTC 2009 MCN :: CX2SW-QUGCM-4PW6S


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Alessandra Gatti 18 Jul 2012

So many memories I had about Connemara. For me it's the best country I saw in my life. But when I see the landscape, I wish I were there with my ex- husband . So ...please "can you tell Connemara you are always in my heart, forever" grazie Patricia ;) nice photo my friend

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Allessandra. I, too, loved Connemara...there's something special about it (almost a magical feeling). But you're probably closer to it than I am since I'm in the U.S., but I would dearly love to go back one day :)

John Sweeney 27 Apr 2012

Great shot, and title!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, John :)

Warren Ballard 09 Dec 2009

Beautiful landscape photo!

Artist Reply: Warren, I feel so ashamed I didn't see this before! Thank you so much :)

Stefani Wehner 09 Dec 2009

Amazing landscape, so perfectly captured!

Artist Reply: Stefani, please forgive me for being so late with a thank you :)