5 Minute drawing (Algebra II Classroom)

So I was bored one day 2 years ago, and I told my friend sitting next to me that I could draw what the class in 5 minutes. (even though it took like 7-8) =) I don't expect you guys to think this is really good, I just uploaded it for it's value in humor. =) Done with a 6B pencil and a tissue.

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Sherrie Kostura 01 Jan 2006

Yes, I see everyone else in this classroom busy doing their work, young man! What can I say...another excellent drawing. Heck, I can't do this in 5 minutes!

Martha Miller 31 Oct 2005

i like this very much........but were you not suppose to be doing Algebra?? lol what was your grade in that class? just kidding, nice job

kyle liggett 14 Sep 2005

dude sweet its like yer siting right in back of everyone even though its a very rough drawing its awsome i could just imagine how it realy looked

Steen Djervad 10 Feb 2005

nice drawing, I also used to do this

Matthew B. 22 May 2004

Oh yeah! Exactly what I do everyday! I mean...