Brain Chip

Already in progress are ultra-nano size micro chips to be implanted in the brain to correct malfunctions and disorders.This is what they may look like.Only an expert in this area could distinguish and better explain why it is the top of the line in Brain Chips.For now just ask for stock number 4848.Only $371.99 while supply last.

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Geoffrey Chew 19 Jul 2004

...but the problem is not in the chips!" Mizuki arched an eyebrow. "What then?" "Don't you see it? The problem is in the...

Robert McDaniel 28 May 2004

very very interesting. You said this is what again?

Pat Abbott 12 May 2004

Very neat image.

rose beckee 12 May 2004

Very creative and unique perspective

Alice Pickler 12 May 2004

Very interesting, how did you do that?