(acrylic on canvas/160x100/2009)~~~Price; 6.000 Euro~~~ "Bring me the Chalice, so I may lose myself...for, I am in love with my Beloved's intoxicating Gaze. Your Eyes light up my Secret Garden...and, your Face makes luminous every Rose therein. Face like a Flower, it gives petals their sweet fragrance. The Mystic Land of my Beloved is placeless. If I hear the message of Your Sacred Arrival, under your Feet, I will spread a carpet of flowers... Spread flowers, spread Rose Flowers...and, bring me the Chalice, so I may lose myself"..... ~ Persian Poet Omar Khayyam (1048-1123) ~ ~ ~ Persia/Iran, a country with a tremendous cultural history of brilliant Poets, Musicians, Artist...and, strong women who always stood proudly & uncondional by the side of their man. While painting this painting, the Iranian people were/are fighting for Freedom & Justice in their country...and, Neda was brutally killed and beautiful Taraneh was hidden all alone in a secret detention where she was raped and eventually murdered. As an artist and a woman, I feel fortunate to live in a country where Freedom & Justice Triumphs...and, where I am allowed to express myself in a palet of colours. Every night at 9pm in Tehran, the brave Iranians are chanting on their rooftops to God for help; I have joined them in Thoughts; by painting this painting. May soon, the Persian Nights be covered with a bed of Roses and filled, with Peace and with Love...

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Nov 2012

Hi Dear Ami, Thank you ,Very beautiful painting and nice and touching word about Persia (Iran) .i send you invitation in linkedin ;Hope soon Greeting from Paris ! Rassa .A

Jose Velasquez 09 Sep 2009

Beautiful painting!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Aug 2009

Overpowering and full of emotions & feelings! You have a most amazing style; bravo, for a great Master Painter! You have an unique signature.

Bernhard Mueller 03 Aug 2009

Awesome work, full of feelings.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Aug 2009

Great painting Ames, I have read Omar Khayyam's books on poetry when I was a little girl in Guyana. Gosh! that is significant. Asheba