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Nightbug Hellrider * 2009

In my country MALAYSIA.. in the capital Kuala Lumpur...the MALAY teenagers dosed themselves in drugs and alchohol...they can do all kind of dangerous tricks & stunts They smashed ladies' car windscreen...robbed innocent streetwalkers...beat up oldmen too Their distinctive habit ..they love to play with & racing with police patrol cars ..this teenagers were just high on drugs Once some Professional China Acrobatics professed that this wild Malay NIGHTbug HELLriders can do better stunts then them..the Chinese acrobatroop were touring here and witnessed the Nighthell Bikes stunts...some as young as 14 years old can perform spectacular life taking stunts I created this depict this Drug Dosed teenagers Art of Kiddolucaslee


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Calvin McFarlane 05 Jul 2009

yes, yes

Artist Reply: Thank you

Barry Huyett 04 Jul 2009

super super!

Artist Reply: Thankyou