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*Infinite Eve*

And here is the final version, fresh out of photoshop, I just finished this piece and I am just oh so very happy with it. Of course there is a lot of symbolism in this piece, but I will leave it up to the viewer to decide how they wish to percieve Eve's visit with the 'serpent'. I am looking forward to hearing how you like my Eve :) Spread Peace Always! Leah

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Anonymous Guest

Keven Miles 19 Feb 2010

This is absolutely great! As for the symbolism, I find it all positive and very powerful... if I'm on target, Eve is not afraid at all of the snake, and even seems to be embracing it, while focusing more on the apple... the snake, on the other hand, despite it's aggressive look seems to be protecting Eve.

Kirby 21 Aug 2009

Oh Lea, I like this, looks great finnished, nice choice of colors too!

Andrew Dragh 24 Jun 2009

Strong and captivating image!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Jun 2009

a most definably powerful vision. It speaks to the innermost mind. Mr. Nads doesn't seem to know a thing about symbolism. it is obviously the Winged Solar Disk of ancient Sumeria. I Feel it accents the depiction nicely. Great Work!

Joe Nads 21 Jun 2009

Eve looks like Elvira and the Nazi symbol on the apple does nothing for me. If you wanted a picture of her screwing a snake why not just post it.

Artist Reply: Well thanks for stopping by, I guess....but maybe next time before leaving a comment you should know your symbolism....that is Not a Nazi symbol on the apple my friend, its a winged disk, an ancient symbol used by both Egyptians and Sumerians...and she obviously is not 'screwing' (as you so eloquently put it) the snake...its obviously a representation of the 'serpent rising', a much treasured and ancient system of beliefs that you presently must not be aware of...Spread Peace in all that you do :)