(acrylic on canvas/140x100/2005) ~ "Restless Soul, Haunted Soul.... And all the Pharaohs got together, when things went on the skids. They said before we go, we ought to let him know, it was US who built the Pyramids! But it was all in the scheme of things, the shape of things to come... ~Aristotle hit the bottle, and Plato loved the blow, he said; one plus one plus one is FUN! And, left a note for Michelangelo... Your theories like Pythagoras, were there for you to use! While you explored the Triangle, I learned to sing the Blues..... "This Land is mine, God gave this Land to me, This land, where children can run free... Until I die, this Land is mine!"

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Wow, prachtig !

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prachtig Amy. (kennif

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Beautiful. Alex Anonymous

Jose Velasquez 09 Sep 2009

Just wonderful!!!

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