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Screams of Hell

©Seth F.Weaver, Sr. 08/07/08. A Compullage™ work. Imagine that you suddenly realize that you are in an unfamiliar place. With lots of strange people moaning, screaming, and clawing at you. A place consumed with absolute EVIL. You can feel that there is no way out. Hopelessness begins to set in and then someone somewhere screams. A blood curdling skin crawling scream. At your feet are people writhing in agony, moaning from pain and pulling at you to join in the despair. All this and you can feel someone or something watching, grinning, and chuckling at your final situation. You are now in a nightmare that you hope you can wake up from but you know you never will. Where from deep inside you these long forgotten words begin to form…”Our Father, Which art in Heaven…

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Vanessa Holmstrand 14 Sep 2008

Nice patterns and colors, Dad. Very PSYCHO-delic!! (haha)

Artist Reply: Thank you my darling daughter I was trying to depict an ageless horror in this work. A BAD trip can be like going to Hell.

Renata Cavanaugh 10 Sep 2008

I love how you did this....with the hidden faces. Excellent work

Artist Reply: Thank you so much dear Renata for your always appreciated comments.

Evelyn Simon 09 Sep 2008

Hollowed be thy name. Thy kindom come. Thy will be done. I'm planning on not going to hell, that's for sure. Awesome composition Seth!!

Artist Reply: Hello Evelyn, it is so nice to meet you on the AW. If this artwork can cause one person to "Get Right with God" then my life was not lived in vain.

Anneke Hut 09 Sep 2008

Yes, so true. You've enriched your words with a great picture, Seth. Both are beautiful.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Anneke for this great comment.

Gavin North 08 Sep 2008

I know this feeling all to well. Once you touch the void of darkness it is very hard to come back. This piece really speaks to me Seth. It am truly a fan of your work my friend

Artist Reply: Deeply appreciated Gavin. This one reminds me of some of your dark work.