Big Mountain

I really screwed this one up, I tried to put a glacier at the foot of the mountains, but it just looked like a big white lump. I do like the mountains in this one except for the ones without snow, they could pass for an old forest (if that 's how anyone else sees it) This was my first attempt at birch trees and they came out as well as I hoped, so overall I like this one. Aug 9th '08

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ruth sears 24 Jan 2010

this is very lovely,your mountains are very well portrayed.

Artist Reply: Thank you Ruth. This one hangs by my front door...for now anyway. hehehe (I may sell it)

Francine Henderson 10 Aug 2008

You did a great job on this landscape. I am a Bob Ross certified instructor and I must say you did as good as or better then some of my students. Well done.

Artist Reply: Wow! Thank you very much Francine.

Nilantha Lokunarangode 10 Aug 2008

wonderful painting

Anneke Hut 10 Aug 2008

I love your trees, Wayne! It's funny, I was seeing an old forest before I read the description. :DDD I really like this painting, happy making art!

Evelyn Simon 10 Aug 2008

Hey, I don't think you screwed up this painting, in fact, I think you did a wonderful job. All scenes are in the right places. It looks great Wayne!! :o)