Stairway to Heaven

Three hostesses greet you at the bottom of those stairs: Art, Science & Faith. Can you guess which is which ? It's not in it's finish stage but it's the only picture I have left of it and the painting's been sold for quite a while.

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John Fish 25 Oct 2007

wonderfully painted and a terrific concept. I like the cat sitting in the back. very spiritual

Olga van Dijk 28 Sep 2006

~~I can see why thisd painting is sold Marcel... congrats!~

Leo Da 28 Sep 2006

fantastic, Marcel!

Tahnja Wolter 05 Aug 2006

Ok, here goes. I think that the lady on the right is 'science' as she measures and times all things. The lady on her other side is 'art' as she looks painted and almost seductive. The one closest to the stairs is 'faith' which is the onyl way to get to Heaven and it is that which will take her to there, hence, why it is she who is closest to the stairs. Also, her body language speaks of humility which is one of the first and greatest virtues, to know that we are nothing without God. The only thing I haven't quite figured out is the cat. Perhaps a last, fleeting temptation before the reward faith receives for crushing this last temptation?

Diane A.Tremblay 05 Nov 2004

ohh ye the #@&... :) another excellent work