There was a man who wants to be a Superman. What is your comment?

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David Holcombe 22 Jun 2008

Nice graphic style. It reflects everyone's secret desire to be a "superman?" I think happiness is in realizing that we are all super in our own ways. Take care.

Marika Antal 19 Jun 2008

superb work!!!

david porfirio 17 Jun 2008

this is cool as well

Gayle Taylor 13 May 2008

Very good!

Charles Jones 12 May 2008

We are all a little part of 'superman' aren't we, Indarto?Maybe we only fly metaphorically, and only fight injustice on a personal level, but collectively we could be even greater than the comic-book character, don't you think? Great illustration job. The white font looks either moth-eaten or bullet-riddled---either works for me.