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Happy St. Patrick's Day

(c)2008 Another happy St. Patricks Day seems to be here again. How can a whole year pass by so quickly? Seems like I was doing my animation for last year just a short time ago. Remember Rev. 12:6 which gives many of Satans names and serpent is there. 2 Cor. 11:3 Paul warns the Corinthians not to be beguiled as Eve was by the serpent. Beguiled means wholely seduced. First spiritually with lies, then physically with the fruit between his legs hard and enticing to Eve to partake of. That union produced Cain and his children, the Kenites, who are a bunch of murderers. Two of all "flesh" in the ark saved the races and in Nehemiah we see that the sons of Hemath, the Kenites, have taken over the seat of Moses and the priesthood. Jesus first advent sees these children of the devil as explained in Matt.13 as being most of the Pharasies. They had murder in their hearts as their father does clarified in John 8. "...your of your father the devil...". They murdered Jesus the heir to the vineyard just as they did the prophets before. St. Patrick drove them out of Ireland, the trouble makers, but I don't think they stayed away. So, keep an eye on the enemy among us,...Amos 6:14. Hope everyone, who is kind, is safe and well this coming year,....have a good one,... :O)

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Joke Schotting 04 Mar 2008

Great work my friend!!!