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Anti-Magnetic Bumpers

(c)2007 We have trains that float on an anti-magnetic track system in Europe. So why not harness the excess power of large alternators in our cars and trucks, and create an anti-magnetic field in front and to the rear of all vehicles on the road today. It may not be a strong enough field to prevent major collisions,...but it sure would put an end to fender benders! Reverse your front bumpers polarity, and take your foot off the gas for a free ride. Or, an all around anti-magnetic field to protect your car from shopping carts, other car doors, etc. Perhaps, deflector shields, phasers, tractor beams, and the rest are just around the corner. In the picture, it looks like someone's got their anti-magnetic bumpers on too high! hehehe :O)


Anonymous Guest

thea walstra 23 Jul 2007

Great details and excellent work Gregg

Charlotte Ottilo 23 Jul 2007

How I would have loved to be having a cup of coffee watching all this happen..LOL..beautiful and colorful as everything you do is so eye catching!

Jay Amatangelo 23 Jul 2007

I think you got a new idea for our cars! Top notch work as always!

anirban bora 23 Jul 2007

brilliant staff