December 19, 2003

EarWorm discovers that he can lift up the big drain in the shower room (how convenient!) and finds a tunnel. Maybe our impetuous hero should consult with Bugs before bolting down that rabbit hole.


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Sarah-Lynn Brown 12 Jan 2004

Me want more stories uncle Earworm....Please!

Paul Arruda 19 Dec 2003

Watch out for aligators....

Sarah-Lynn Brown 19 Dec 2003

He runs through the sewer only to find that it ends in the Barney Happy Hour set... he waits listening to the horrible singing until he can't stand it any longer and goes back to his jail cell.

cile bailey 19 Dec 2003

doing what he does best...crawling in holes underground! sorry earworm for the 10. Signed cile. :D

Waldo Von Gogh 19 Dec 2003

Looks like the shower to me.Good thing you're making an exit before the gang arrives for their weekly shower.Well you don't know where you're going but you know where you've been.And no matter where you go,there you are.