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The Sign

I can lose my way if I so chose or I can be led to a Higher Ground. The choice remains within my grasp. Each day presents itself anew and each day a new page in the book of life is written and I am the author of those chapters that will fill my book. Now, I cannot decide what will happen to me but I do decide how I will respond. It is not within my power to control the vagaries of life but I am like the captain of a ship who sails many seas. There are times when the sailing is easy and there are times when it is not. Sometimes the weather can be perilous and place my craft in dangerous waters. So dangerous that it would seem to this captain that my journey might be at it’s end or at the very least not to my liking. It is then when I must hold steadfast to the helm and right my ship so that I don’t lose my sense of direction. Amidst those times of grave peril I begin to look for a sign, a symbol, a revelation of what I should do. A Power greater than myself. Some greater Captain, than I, that knows these troubled waters well and can help me to navigate my ship and gain me safe passage home. A Southern Cross that will secure and protect my voyage. You see I am a pilgrim mariner who is searching for safe harbor. The safe harbor that is in my Father’s land. I need not worry. He would never allow anything to happen to me that He and I could not handle. Together, with Him, all things become possible. Nothing is left to chance. His Cross thwarts and blockades any and all evils that would prevent me from returning to His loving arms. I am a child of God and He is my loving parent. He will never leave my side. This is His pledge, His promise to all of His children. This is the sign, the Cross, that will lead me to my home. visionary imagist “Joey”

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Barry Huyett 18 Nov 2019

wonderful...like this

joe valcourt 21 Mar 2016

stunning work

George Wallis 10 Aug 2013

very cool and compelling work, great job

Magda Elsehrawi 08 Dec 2008

Joey... your art speaks poetry and tells many many stories... i LOVE THIS ONE :)

nikos kanellos 12 Nov 2008

My compliments my friend!