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Poetry Calls Forth Spring

There she stood high on a crest overlooking tomorrow. Her soft, melodious oratory would call forth again the annual rebirth of all she surveyed. The vigor and vitality of Her spoken word was evident as she commenced the awakening of a new Spring. This slumbering world that had been in deep repose all Winter long was eagerly awaiting Her arrival. Her commands were direct and clear to all Her citizens to arise from the cold chilling Winter’s sleep to start again this yearly ritual of new beginnings. Her words became poetry. The poetry of Nature. And Nature became the elegant robes that God would wear so that we could see His abundance and munificence. It is through the generous gifts of Mother Nature’s handiwork that we can witness and come to know and believe in the Creator. Everywhere the imprint of a Higher Power can be seen. Nowhere is not present and our Mother loudly proclaims this fact. And so it is through the language of poets that words can describe what cannot be described, reveal what cannot be revealed and hear what cannot be heard. Melodies of speech that are so harmonious, so beautiful, so invigorating that all that hear their tunes are transported magically to fresh new worlds. Worlds of undiscovered epiphanies waiting to be unveiled. So to all of you poets, known or unknown, published or unpublished, it falls upon you to tell us, through the power of words, the indescribable expressions that enrich our life’s. Heed the clarion call, remain resolute and determined in your craft. Just as the Muse of Poetry calls forth a new Spring, She calls out to you, the poet, to fulfill your duty and tell us your poems. visionary imagist “Joey”

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John Cappello 14 Aug 2013

Looking Incredibly Good. Your unique scenes & creativity always Amazes me. Great work!

Debi Day 31 Aug 2011

You are a very talented artist!!

Astha Tuladhar 27 Dec 2010


Vera Harned 19 Nov 2010

Beautiful work!

MJ Mitchell 03 May 2009

The symbolism is wonderful - such a beautiful piece - both written and your beautiful painting!