Organically Grown (Textured Triptych)

Organically Grown (Textured Triptych)

This is a matching 3 piece set of deeply textured paintings with luminous iridescent copper on a deep black background. Each piece is so incredibly lustrous and visually exciting!

They are all similar in that they all have black as backgrounds and iridescent copper metallic paint to bring out and highlight the textured design of the pieces.

They each measure 10x10x1.5", for a total of 30x10x1.5", each on deep gallery wrapped stretched canvases, and will make a great addition to your walls!

The copper pigment is made by Golden Acrylic Paints (as all my paints are) and is called "Iridescent Copper FINE" (as opposed to Iridescent copper COURSE) and is made up of mica particles coated with titanium dioxide which gives the amazing "metallic" luster that reflects light, and with the deep texture on the canvases, this reflected light really reacts in fun ways!

From the Golden Acrylic website regarding their iridescent pigments: "They are composed of very thin, highly reflective and transparent plateletes. The plate-like shape allows the pigments to be easily oriented into parallel layers within the transparent medium. When viewed, a portion of the incident light will be reflected by the uppermost layer of pigments, while the remainder of the light will be transmitted and subsequently reflected by lower layers. It is this multiple reflection of light from many microscopic layers that produces the observed shimmering lustre or pearlescent effect."

I have signed each piece on the back.

This set would look fabulous in a kitchen, dining room, living room or anywhere you would like to add some interesting color and texture. You can even separate them and hang in different rooms if you like!

In my opinion the entire set has a very "rustic" and organic appearance.

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Diane G. Casey


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Jerry 12 Jan 2008

Lovely style and colors!

Lawrence Hickman 12 Jan 2008

great piece of work fantastically done awsome job