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I Have Become Destroyer of the World

I HAVE BECOME DEATH DESTROYER OF WORLDS OIL ON STRETCHED CANVAS $900 US (14” X 18” ORIGINAL) SIGNED DEDICATED PRINTS AVAILABLE In the eleventh chapter of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna displays for Arjuna a terrible ferocity. “I have become death, destroyer of worlds”. These words were uttered by J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, when first he laid his gaze upon what he had help create. I pray that the better angels of men have laid to rest this atomic Genie. We, as a species, are the only species that can truly alter life on this planet. Our prowess gives us much hope and expectations that we use wisely the gift of reason and intellect. But vigilance must be our guidepost. Never allowing a wayward few to pirate these hopes and aspirations. We cannot afford to dismantle in the fireball flash of a moment all the past good deeds of humanity. As an artist I have very little influence on the world. Except that I do have my paints, my brushes and my canvasses to do with what I want. I reflect on the artists that have gone before me and their influence on the world. Goya’s, “The Third of May 1808” or Picasso’s “Guernica” come to mind. It sometimes falls upon the shoulders of artists to comment and to illustrate what message they have received from their Muse. I am reminded of Virgil’s “Aeneid” where he speaks “O, Muse! The cause and the crimes relate; What goddess was provoked, and whence her hate”. So, I am not alone. Why paint scenes such as these? I wish not. I prefer light, magical and visionary themes but when the Muse demands that I paint such omens I must pay my debt to Her. It is Her fee that she demands payment of from me, if I wish to continue being an artist. visionary imagist “Joey”

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John Cappello 24 Apr 2014


jamie winter 01 May 2008

amazing work !!!!!!!!

Ben DeBiase 14 Feb 2008

musical....the bagavad gita is the essential artists book, the essential book to life and work, ceaseless battle beyond the sphere of death-it's love-very well done

kath nepia 14 Jan 2008


Artist Reply: Kath: thanks for stopping by and sharing with me your valued remarks. it is greatly appreciated and looked forward to.

Anneke Hut 14 Jan 2008

Joey, although this painting shows your skills beautifully, I can understand that you feel somehow forced to paint it. It's a terrible message that's in it. It's so good that you remind us of that evil, to make us realize that this should never happen again!

Artist Reply: Anneke: Thank you for your profound and wise remarks. i always appreciate and value your opinions. again thank you.