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The Butterfly and the Panther

"Good morning" said the butterfly. "And a good morning to you" replied the panther. "I had the strangest of dreams last night" remarked the obsidian cat. "I dreamt that I could fly and traveled far above the jungle canopy. I could see for miles and miles. What a wonderful dream it was. Do you think that only we animals can dream? Do you think that humans can dream too? They seem so preoccupied with what they do while they are awake that they probably have no time for such seemingly foolish matters as dreaming". The butterfly paused for a moment and reflected on what little he knew about humans. "I'm not sure. It would appear that if they do dream most humans really don't give their dreams much consideration. It is somewhat sad, I think". But then the butterfly recalled something he had overheard a human being say once. It was on a morning such as this morning he thought. And so he proceeded to tell his friend, the panther, what he had heard that human say. "I was flying about in the morning mist looking for some sweet nectar to drink, I was quite hungry and thirsty, when I happened upon a human who held in his hand a net of some sort. When he saw me he started to chase after me. At first I thought maybe he wishes to ask me a question but soon I realized his intent was to capture me. But, alas, humans can only fly in strange metal machines and he did not have one with him. So, I knew that I was all right and had nothing to really fear as long as I stayed high in the air just out of his reach. He finally surrendered to the fact that he could not capture me and threw down his net. It was then that I heard him say the most remarkable of the things. He called me the most wonderful name that I have ever been called. He said, Mr. Butterfly you are so beautiful. You are the finest piece of flying stained glass that I have ever seen" "Flying stained glass" I thought. What a wonderful thing to be called. "You see Mr. Panther only a creature that can dream would be able to call me such a name. So, I guess some humans can dream if they wish to". The panther agreed that it was most probably so that some fortunate humans could dream if they tried. And so they both laughed and went about their separate ways. So, the next time you see a butterfly I wonder if you will recall my little story and remember that the butterfly that you see is really God's way of making "beautiful pieces of fine stained glass

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M Smith 09 Jun 2011

Dream darkly with me...

George Wallis 28 Mar 2011

excellent tones mood and design, very cool

debbie braswell 09 Mar 2009


Leah Jaarveth 06 Oct 2008

Oh such an absolute beautiful creation my friend!

Ben DeBiase 14 Feb 2008

i see a new power in your work....keep delving into the dreamworlds of the unconscious to bring back artifacts of timeless beauty!