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In the series of "Immigrant's Grief"


Please listen how Sergei Rachmaninoff is playing his own Elégie while viewing this abstract.
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( Elégie in es mineur op. 3 no. 1)

Living for 10 years in the States it seems my heart is still longing for Holland, even more during the past holidays, which are celebrated so differently compared to the States.
In Holland it is a family (and close friend) gathering, which I missed so much last week.
That's why and when I painted “ELEGY.”

ELEGY was originally used for a type of poetic metre (Elegiac metre), but is also used for a poem of mourning, from the Greek elegos, a reflection on the death of someone or on a sorrow generally - which is a form of lyric poetry.
An elegy can also reflect on something which seems strange or mysterious to the author.
In addition, an elegy (sometimes spelled elegíe) may be a type of musical work, usually in a sad and somber attitude.
As you can see I added some musical notes, which you can find in a lot of my art work.

Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) is regarded as one of the most influential pianists of the 20th century.
Most of Rachmaninoff's pieces follow a melancholy, late-Romantic style akin to Tchaikovsky, although strong influences of Chopin and Liszt are apparent.
Like always
Love and Light for you and yours
for 2008.

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Small mixed media COLLAGE
on Arches 140lb Cold press.
Dimensions: 9'x11'
Ready to be matted in a white museum matting.

Copyright Olga van Dijk 2008©
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

John Cappello 24 Nov 2012

Makes me think of a Expansive, Exceptional Artwork and Very Worthy of praise. Gives Warm feelings.

marie-claire gallet 10 Oct 2011

A warm thank to you Olga for the fantastic break you are offering us in this tremendous life ! A wonderful panting to be watched with a sublime music !!!

Artist Reply: Marie Claire, thank you for your heartwarming comment! I love this music too, and as I wrote Miles: this abstract is one of my favorites too... LOVE AND LIGHT, OLGA

Miles Baker 10 Oct 2011

how brilliant is this?-My pod peace and perfection miles x

Artist Reply: Oh man, what nice of you, Miles; it's one of my favorites too! Honored to have it as your POD today! Love and Light, Olga

Bruce Combs 29 Jun 2009

Oh, My! How fabulous together. And I didn't know -- this about Rachmaninoff. I just mentioned in a comment to you a few minutes ago that I had lived in Netherland for about 10 years, and back in USA not four and not very accustomed to it yet -- well, I suppose I never will be. But about your art, you do everything, every style, and do them all superbly, don't you! Till another time soon, then, Peace, etc., Bruce

Maureen Bloesch 03 May 2009