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The rooster is often (accurately) pictured in art as crowing at the break of dawn. He can often be seen sitting on fence posts or other objects, where he crows to proclaim his territory. However, when a cock looks into the sun he will crow at any time of the day - even sometimes on a bright moonlit night. He has several other calls as well, and can cluck the same as a hen.

Roosters generally tend to wail when they are distressed or in heat. The sound made by the cock is spelled onomatopoeically as
"cock-a-doodle-do" in English
but otherwise in other languages, such as
in Dutch: ”KUKELEKU!”

Tell me the sound he makes in YOUR language!


I kept the background simple this time to show off the brushwork and the soft feathers with a rich palette of reds and burnt sienna.
I think you agree that this rooster deserves this bold golden frame!
It's proudly hanging in my sunroom next to the chick and definitely is an eye catcher!
Love and Light for today and tomorrow’s THANKGSGIVING,


oil on Canvas Board 8'x10' (20.3x25.4cm)


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2007

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Angelina Whittaker Cook 04 Apr 2011

Like the chick and rooster pictures, the colours are so vibrant.

Artist Reply: Thank you! I hung it together with the CHICK in our dining room. It's a cute couple! Thanks for visiting my art portfolio, Angeline! ~Love and Light, OLGA

Jeffrey Koss 30 Dec 2010

Looks Good

Sharon Gonzalez 20 Dec 2010


dina lestari 11 Dec 2010

In Indonesia it is Kukuruyuk. Very niceeee... i love both your rooster paintings. very talented

Vishwas Suryawanshi 23 Nov 2010

In Marathi it is kuku-chi -koo! nice work !

Artist Reply: Thank you! I will add the cry to my collection of words! Have a great Thanksgiving Vishwas!