Kazim's donkey

Kazim was walking through the dessert with his injured eyes donkey to seek help. Suddenly a stranger came riding a flying carpet.

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Anonymous Guest

Susana Araujo 27 Dec 2008

I like your humor style!

Curtis Fleming 12 Dec 2007

ha ha ha nice pencil work my friend :)

Mike Moss 06 Nov 2007

love your style & characters Budi. I used to do much cartooning myself when I was younger and had so much fun with it! I can tell you enjoy your craft by your work. I look forward to seeing more from you. Peace!

Jeanie Chadwick 02 Nov 2007

excellent design.

Chas Sinklier 22 Oct 2007

Wow! Pencil is the lost art, but so cool when well done - Kudos :0)