a gentle presence

Female Whitetail Deer - Photo taken on September 1, 2007 near the cities zoo, but not in it, she is wild & free. Not unusual to see deer roaming the riverbanks, grazing the gardens and even roaming the city streets. They are treated with the utmost respect. As you see, this deer was very calm. She is very slim, & very young. Hope you all have a week of delightful surprises. :o)

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Anonymous Guest

marie-claire gallet 21 Dec 2014

Ohhhhhhhhhh soooooo sweet !! What a wonderful meeting you have had !!!! A delightful surprise, indeed!!

tim linville 13 Jan 2011

That's a sweet Animal..I bet She was wondering if You wanted to fight!I would'nt try it Myself...I've seen it :)Great photo catch,Les!You were very fortuitist,in the moment!

william maldonado 18 Jan 2009

Ahh! great shot

george martinez 11 Oct 2008

Yes, it is really exciting capture moment whe you get the shot on the wild, super nice shot Les....

Anonymous Guest 29 Apr 2008

Beautiful capture Les....and to think you just stopped the car and there she was waiting for you inside city limits.....she stood there and looked right at you...what a show-off...Love it and u, mom