Bug-A-Lugs Quabimbola

Bug-A-Lugs are a tribe of wood pixies. Rank is distinguished by the number of crystals on their branch. Qabimbola means "red clay on the face" The rest of the tribe is convinced that Qabimbola's sire came from the Hogsback region centuries ago. He's a friendly little chap but tends to keep to himself because of his unusual markings.


Anonymous Guest

Renata Cavanaugh 01 Aug 2007

Beautiful artwork Lois

Atamjeet Singh Bawa 31 Jul 2007

good work!!! keep going!!!1

Artist Reply: Thank you for you kind comments. :)

Jerry 29 Jul 2007

Very bold artwork!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the comment. I stopped by your gallery this morning and was amazed! A ball point pen?!! Wow.

Emily Reed 29 Jul 2007

A wonderful, delightful image!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much. :)