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Red Velvet BEAUTY©


It is so nice to see how members of ArtWanted inspire each other.

-an accomplished Freelance Professional Photographer-
was so kind to give me written permission to paint her beautiful "Velvet BEAUTY."

Enthused by my painting Red Velvet BEAUTY©
Hassan Pasha
-an AW digital artist-
wrote me the following beautiful poem:


What Can I give?
Hassan Pasha

You walk with compassion
On the path near and far
Oh! Caring friend of mine
The friendship you give know no bars
What can I give you Oh! Friend of mine?
The friendship you give, for which I always yearn
So many blessings does it earn
The smile you have is so pure and fine
What can I give you Oh! Friend of mine?
I pray no trouble come near you
You have the rainbow of every color and hue
Friends you have may be caring and true
What can I give you Oh! Friend of mine?
Should I write you a poem, or should I write you a prose
I believe I can give you a wild red rose.


Medium: Acrylics
Dimensions: 18"x24" (46x61 cm)
on a Studio stretched canvas.
Painted staple free sides.
Painting doesn't need a frame.


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
All rights reserved.
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.


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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 12 Jul 2013

Fantastic painting ! I love the way light reflects it's Delicate touches of Sunshine Bathed in Radiance and seems to be Relishing the Enjoyable feeling of Warmth together and Loved.

Katerina Koukiotis 02 Mar 2010

gorgeous so lively and detailed!!

Doris Blessington 19 May 2009

Beautiful feeling here!

Kukua Akumanyi 21 Apr 2009

This is simply gorgeous...

Sharon Gonzalez 10 May 2008

This is breathtakingly beautiful, Olga!!!!