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Lady Lilliana

Her base was my setting and my inspiration on the colours Lilliana was going to be. I spent a lot of time creating the base, even down to picking the right prescious rocks that would sit under water. I first started out with a slab of a beautiful oak tree, even complete with original bark. It's the kind of wood people use for burning and carving. The log on the base is made from plaster I think, and the kind you use for reptile tanks. I drilled a hole into this log so it's a permanant attachment to the rest of the base. The water is made from silicone and sealed with high gloss to protect it from dust or anything that wants to stick to it. The grass is the spanish moss, and the entire thing is adorned with beautiful prescious stones throughout the base. The berries are cut fake berries and the larger leaves are fake cranberries too. I believe it is silk plants I used. Lillian herself is made from a strong wire armature, with the wires extending even to the tips of her fingers. She is made from a blend of Classic Fimo and Fimo soft. A very durable blend I must say! Her eyes are green glass eyes with beautiful detail. She is adorned with gems, glitter and real eyelashes (well real looking) individually placed lashes. She is painted with High Quality Genesis paints and sealed with a matte varnish. Her wings are made of TLS, coloured wire and fine dust glitter.


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Jerry 14 Mar 2007

Lovely or great artwork!

bianca 14 Mar 2007

great collection...awsome