What. I Already Dashed Through The Snow.

SLS052. Watercolor [unframed], 5" x 7" ©2006 by M.L. Wilson. She's all grown up now, but she'll still cop that attitude. "Michaela Lightfoot" is thirteen this year, a garrulous semi-retired mouser, who likes her milk sour, her gravy better than the meat and brooks no interference with her toys. Just try and take those ornaments away! Cats' Rights rule!

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Wes Schuelke 21 days ago

Got a cat that does that..., Well done, my friend

Ron Bedsole 31 May 2018


annette steens 27 Jul 2007

this is so cute!!!

Leigh Karchner 01 Jan 2007

She's adorable Marcia! Love that mischievous look in her eyes. Been in the catnip a little too?? Great colors and details!

Kerra Lindsey 23 Dec 2006

This playful image is wonderfully rendered! Great job and skill! -Kerra