Angels's Tears

I dreamed upon an Angel Sweet So distraught and sad She said her family's sorrow Was making her feel bad I know they feel the emptiness They wish that I were there, And I am truly touched by this... I know how much they care The Angel looked up through her Tears She said it breaks my heart To know my familys hurting so& Their lives are torn apart. I really love them all so much They mean the world to me Id like to tell them I'm okay& If they could only see..." I'd seen this Angel's face before, It was our Precious Child Shining Bright through Jesus' Light So strong, yet meek and mild The lessons to be learned, She said Are waiting there on Earth And how we choose to live our lives Determines our true worth And then, when God decides it's time to bring us Home again He welcomes us with open arms In Heaven, new Life begins Your lives should all go on, She said There's so much you can do To make the world a better place Through all you say and do My death is not a final thing, It does not mean the end As life goes on for me, you see Your souls begin to mend" I wish you only happiness Dont think that I am gone Youll see me in the bright new day That comes with every dawn I want to help you dry your eyes, Remember me, and smile Please honor me with happiness and make today worthwhile Heaven is such a perfect place Where everything is good If I could send a picture home, I'm sure you know I would I loved the life I had on Earth I know that I was blessed, But Heaven is more beautiful Than I'd have ever guessed... I've heard that tears can heal the heart And lift the heaviness So I am shedding Angel tears To make your burden less Your love was carried with my soul The day I went away And it will always stay with me, Forever and a day. -------------------- i discover the internet ..and i found this great poem.. ( --------------------------- Poster Art print for any wall:)

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KC CHANG 21 Nov 2006


cynthia berridge 21 Nov 2006


bianca 20 Nov 2006

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW this is fantastic...

Anonymous Guest 20 Nov 2006

beautiful poem...excellent photo! (but kostas, what is it ? fruit, vegetable, what ??)

Alberto D'Assumpcao 20 Nov 2006

Excellent macro, Kostas! Splendid composition!