ACEO Egg Of Life Series

ACEO series are all individually painted and drawn...Measures 2 1/2 " x 3 1/2"

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John Cappello 28 Jun 2014

Very Imaginative! Bright Energy and Cheery piece!

Gavin North 17 Mar 2008

THIS IS AMAZING, I love your use of expressive lines and bold color, Excellent Deborah

indarto budi 10 Dec 2007

Really GREAT piece!

Fernando Rivera 23 Feb 2007

This piece is lovrly. I love the colors and over all theme. Awesome piece of fine art. Ferd.

David Holcombe 22 Jan 2007

Eggs are very near and dear to me because of my wife's work with pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs). These are totally different, but have some of the same graphic complexity. I like th color variations, like Monet's cathedral at Reims.