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Returning Home

The King's Daughter is a women of valor when addressed by her proper status. A royal blood line and an inheritance in part of faith brings this person alive. A master of art, gentleness, style and class brings the blessings or victories her way plus provides titles, honor and self dignity. Blend all those essentials and a lady producing exquisite art will appear to lead the way.******* Spiritual prosperity, growth, wisdom, love, grace, mercy and thanksgivings is a wealth, worthy of all those things above. Value the worthiness of your own blessings and the spirit following will be that of a King's daughter. How you walk, present yourself or create art will demonstrate your qualities and attributes. A Crown of Creation sounds worthy of such!****** This illustration is dedicated to a place with gold streets, pearl gates and many mansions plus angels coming and going. Where eternity is filled with mysteries far beyond my imagination. Developing my art abilities, improving my life and searching the impossible makes it that much more possible! Have you ever been anointed with a dream or had any great prays answered far beyond your greatest expectations? Well, I and others certainly have because everything is possible through the Father! May, you, I and others return home where such things are so. Please remember, an angel is watching from above and writing in books what you did, do and say. Therefore, work your best, be all you can be and just keep the faith because it is free and our ticket home. Jerry Stith

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Terri Yu 27 Dec 2007

Love it!

Jerome Smaller 21 Sep 2007

very cool.

Annie Dameron 13 May 2007

Jerry, this is wonderful! I love the framing, with the trumpeting angels and the roses. Thanks for sharing this! :)

Robin Brown 10 Apr 2007

Stunning Pen & Ink image as always

sue kramer 28 Mar 2007

what a beautiful message and illistration to go with it. we are only visitors here and some day we will go home