Life is Beautiful

Today evening of Holocaust day,in Israel.Tomorrow the parade of LIFE,From Auschwitz to Birkenshow,in which 8000 youth will take part,together with Shimon Peres..."If all this suffering does not help to broaden our horizon,to attain a greater humanity,by shedding all trifling and irrelevant isues,then it will all have been for nothing "- Etty Hillesum...The world will never forget...

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lillianhibiscus 05 Nov 2013

Extremely powerful images.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Jul 2006

i salute , Ronit

Charlotte Ottilo 01 May 2006

Oh Dear me ...we will never forget!!!!!!!! I do pray for the peace of Jerusalem... God is good all the time and he will reveal all in due time... He is God and there is none like him... Nira, dear friend..this is so moving and sooooo very powerful in thought..this has brought tears ...many tears....You are the amazing Nira Dabush!

joan warburton 26 Apr 2006

Amazing work, Nira! Thank you for posting this. We should never forget.

Artist Reply: Thanks SO VERY MUCH,Dear Joan for your comments.Have the most wonderful day ,FROM ME :-)

Elton Houck 26 Apr 2006

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem...God said Israel would become a cup of trembling for the whole world....In an everlasting covenant He declared the land was forever the home of the seed of Abraham,,,and no matter what "Roadmap" or Peach enificitive is planned by the hand and mind of man, if it attempts to sircemvent the will and dictates of God, then it shall fail...This too the whole world should remember---God is still in control over the affairs of men.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Elton for your prayers and comments...wishing a SPLENDID day for you,NIRA