Life is Beautiful

Today evening of Holocaust day,in Israel.Tomorrow the parade of LIFE,From Auschwitz to Birkenshow,in which 8000 youth will take part,together with Shimon Peres..."If all this suffering does not help to broaden our horizon,to attain a greater humanity,by shedding all trifling and irrelevant isues,then it will all have been for nothing "- Etty Hillesum...The world will never forget...


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lillianhibiscus 05 Nov 2013

Extremely powerful images.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Jul 2006

i salute , Ronit

Charlotte Ottilo 01 May 2006

Oh Dear me ...we will never forget!!!!!!!! I do pray for the peace of Jerusalem... God is good all the time and he will reveal all in due time... He is God and there is none like him... Nira, dear friend..this is so moving and sooooo very powerful in thought..this has brought tears ...many tears....You are the amazing Nira Dabush!

joan warburton 26 Apr 2006

Amazing work, Nira! Thank you for posting this. We should never forget.

Artist Reply: Thanks SO VERY MUCH,Dear Joan for your comments.Have the most wonderful day ,FROM ME :-)

Elton Houck 26 Apr 2006

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem...God said Israel would become a cup of trembling for the whole world....In an everlasting covenant He declared the land was forever the home of the seed of Abraham,,,and no matter what "Roadmap" or Peach enificitive is planned by the hand and mind of man, if it attempts to sircemvent the will and dictates of God, then it shall fail...This too the whole world should remember---God is still in control over the affairs of men.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Elton for your prayers and comments...wishing a SPLENDID day for you,NIRA

Dawn Bigford 25 Apr 2006

This sent shivers done my spine... I agree with Renata, so painful and powerful and moving work

Artist Reply: Dear dawn...thanks so much for your thoughts and comments.Have a great creative day ,from me :-)

Renata Cavanaugh 25 Apr 2006

Such a painful, powerful, moving work Nira. Wonderful tribute to remember those who had suffered so much because of stupidity, hate and and ignorance of narrow minded men. Beautiful tribute.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much,Renata for your thoughts and words..much appreciated...Have the most wonderful creative day ,FROM ME :-)

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 25 Apr 2006

Powerful moving Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Such a sad and tragic horrific time in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: THANKS SO MUCH ,Dear DEE...Wishing you a marvelous evening ,NIRA

stephanie atlee 25 Apr 2006

Live is beautiful and what gives us hope when the most horrific things happen to us...this is a beautiful and meaningful collage to express the idea of hope and remembrance...well done Nira


Irada Rizvanova 25 Apr 2006

Painful, powerful, beautiful work... Thank you, Nira!

Artist Reply: THANK U,Irada.Have a great creative day ,nira

Rebecca Mullan 25 Apr 2006

Very very moving Nira ! I love how you've done this. Thank you for the info about the parade - I did not know and am very moved that so many youth will be doing this. Its wonderful that they keep an awareness of the Holocaust. Beautiful work !!

Artist Reply: Rebecca...thanks a lot for your wonderful comments..and YES,Its very IMPORTANT to keep awareness to this subject.Wishing you a splendid day,NIRA

Bluemoonshadow 24 Apr 2006

This is a very moving image... well done, Nira...

Artist Reply: Thanks SO MUCH ,Blue...CHEERS FOR "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL "

Pepita Selles 24 Apr 2006

I have both study and I started with a book my grandfather and grandmother had when I was a child.I often sat with just those pictures and look and ask them questions about it.I remember another picture of a dead man and others standing just loooking right out with out seeing anything,with bobwirer around them....Nira I think this issue have been nearly in my family so long I can remeber.Little quilt-who could we let it happen.??? Let it never be forgotten

LouAnn Knight 24 Apr 2006

"Lest we forget"!!

Artist Reply: thanks so very much ,LouAnn.WISHING YOU THE MOST WONDERFUL DAY ,Nira

John Segon-Fisher 24 Apr 2006

Very moving image Nira - I have always felt that this shot of the former prisoners of the "little camp" in Buchenwald one of the most moving, Even though they have endured years of horror, there is a strange sense of peace on their faces. This has always disturbed me for it is something I just cannot understand nor comprehend. The tragidy though is that people do forget. Who remembers the very same camps set up by the British in which thousands of Boer women and children simly diead of starvation or worse, Hitler and Himmler's chilling comment that they can go ahead because who remebers the the Turkish atrocities to the Armenians in 1916. But like you, I pray for the day when humanity can flower into peace, care and basic respect. Hugs John xx

Katerina Koukiotis 24 Apr 2006

beautiful tribute nira *hugs*

Artist Reply: thanks a lot,Katerina

Nancy Costley 24 Apr 2006

Says so much.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much ,NIRA

thea walstra 24 Apr 2006

Meaningful words and work! This is excellent and very impressive work Nira

Artist Reply: Thanks SO MUCH DEAR Thea...Greeting and good night to u!

Les Jobes 24 Apr 2006

Sometimes it makes you wonder why we were given ears, if they are not going to listen, or brains, if they are not going to even try to understand, or a heart/soul, if they have no compassion ..may the world some day hear, understand and care

PMyers 24 Apr 2006

I love when art speaks to you and makes you stop and think. Well done, my friend.

Artist Reply: Thanks SO MUCH ,Dear Penny.Wishing you a great day,Nira

Christine brand 24 Apr 2006

Words inadequate, Yes...all should awaken, Yes...I never wanted these things to happen and this remains in my heart as a sobering thought...I have never was not by my wishes these things took place...I was not yet born...unfortunately the less influential people all over the world could not stop these atrocities or did not...some had power that should never had positions of honor and the innocent fell victim...I am an American and a Christian but, do not wish this on any race or people ever...I only wish for love and peace. I do agree with Steven some ways. There could be heaven on earth if only our hearts would change...all hearts could share and do for each other in the eyes of love... Apart from the statement that some think human redemption should or must come from was never I, never have or will delight in the thought of hate, crulety or injustice or any disease or disaster to bring Eutopia, whether it is man made or not...not all Muslims or Christians or Jews are hateful...not all Buddists or Hinduists are hateful either... But Evil will take on any formit can to destroy the credit of the ones that would care and disgrace the name of goodness...A murderous mystery moves in the world that we do not understand...yet in that...the majority of humanity, I believe wants and lives for peace. Evil shall not triumph, for I believe "Love Is Always Waiting in the Wing, evil may have its' time in the spotlight but, there is always more to every story than what you can see...I do not think anyone should think or be like me...and do not want to be categorized in with the people who desire revolution through killing or war. I leave all in peace and love...these images you remind us of are every where and never leave us...I still feel their sorrow, My Dearest Mermaid...I think you have a wonderful loving heart that could contain the world...I praise the heavens for your tender spirit and only wish to live and love...and share the world in peace without argument...Thank you for your Great ARt Work...I leave you in the light of the divine... Sincerely CB

Alberto D'Assumpcao 24 Apr 2006

Of corese, Nira! Life is wonderful!!! Perfect tribute! We must never forget!!!

Jerie kunitsky 24 Apr 2006

Heartbreaking...Something we must never forget.

Artist Reply: THANKS SO MUCH ,JERIE.Have a splendid day,Nira

Tabitha Borges 24 Apr 2006

great the blend...

Artist Reply: DEAR TAB...Thanks so much.Wishing you a great creative day ! NIRA..P.S: Say hello to the girls ...

Steven Torrisi 24 Apr 2006

Life is beautiful and precious Nira but i think the people, nations and leaders remain ignorant of that fact. Sometimes I think humantiy since 1945 has gone backwards not forwards since these photos were taken. Never again rings a bit hollow when 25 million people died in the third world (almost all civilians) in the name of the Cold War patriot games fought between 1945-1989, add another three to six million in the 1990s post-cold war period of ethnic cleansing. Now in a new milieneum religious extremist (both christian and muslim) look at this period as the end time with messianic visions of apocalypse; each taking delight at the global prospect of mass suffering and death (be it from war, famine, plague, natural disaster) in the hopes of achieving paradise or fulfilling prophecy (of which both view the destruction of Israel as a prequisite). Both could have that eden on earth they seek anytime they want without any more suffering but they dont have the courage to want to make it happen, out of fear that unless it happens in a foretold way peace is not in accordance with god's will. However I like to think there are still people out there who think its possible to change the future for the better without having to go done a predetermined path.

Reba McDonald 24 Apr 2006

Well done Nira.

Artist Reply: THANK YOU REBA.Wishing you a marvelous day!

bianca thomas 24 Apr 2006

Nira very clever..u did this very well..:)


Deborah Martin 24 Apr 2006

Very very moving and special work Nira.......ones heart is moved so deeply by such tradgedies..and words seem so inadequate.......warmest regards...Deboah

Artist Reply: Thanks SO MUCH ,Deborah,for your words.Kind Regards,Nira

Chris Williams 24 Apr 2006

very brave well done

Artist Reply: thank u!
Artist Reply: THANKS SO MUCH!

Joke Schotting 24 Apr 2006

Dear Nira ,I have no words!!!

Artist Reply: NO WORDS,Actually Joke are ALOT of words.THANKS SO MUCH,Good night to you .

Loredana 24 Apr 2006

Nira this is a Sad and a very moving Image..

Artist Reply: thanks a lot ,LOREDANA.ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Analua 24 Apr 2006

My God! I don't have words... only tears, candles and hope in better days (not easy I know).

Artist Reply: Thank you dear Analua.This week here is a memorial day,and next week we'll have another memorial day...This is part of our reality here.wishing you the BEST,Nira

Michael Forbus 24 Apr 2006

Nira. what a moving and beautiful work you have made out of such tragedy. I am moved beyond words. So many killed so senslessly. It is with a heavy heart and sorrowful tears that I can even fathom such loss. My prayers are for you and your loved ones today and peace to all the souls who suffer and all the souls, the beautiful spirits that we lost. I am with you today in your mourning and your prayers mingle with mine that this will all end soon. miguel, my love to you and those you love.

Emily Reed 24 Apr 2006

This is a baeutiful moving tribute to the 2 million Jews that suffered torture and death at the hands of the Nazis. You capture the chilling unbelievable suffering and the hope that memorials like this one will prevent it from ever happening again. I am deeply moved by your work.

Artist Reply: thanks so much ,EMILY. 6 MILLION JEWISH,KILLED IN HOLOCAUST .

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 24 Apr 2006

so heavy and so touching represented! you are such a great artist, my dearest Nira!

Artist Reply: Thank you my dear ,Nelly,for your comments and support.