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Long long time ago...I think about 7-8 years ago I saw a dream where I found myself in the middle of the sea nailed to the cross.....the funny thing is that it was other way around......cross was nailed ON me.......I have no idea what was the meaning of this dream, but I still remember it so clear. As I already told my mermaids are never usual mermaids. May be because they are water spirits they are always about emotions and feelings for me. And because feelings can be so different, they also take different forms and go different for example this one....

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Anonymous Guest

George Wallis 02 Mar 2006

beautiful image colors and details, great job Maria

Anonymous Guest 02 Mar 2006

this is beautiful! just yesterday i was watching a program on Stigmata, on discovery channel. very very interesting. it is very ironic how...also when i was 7 or 8, i dont quite remember, i was Jesus in my dream, and he talked to me, then i took His hand and we disappeared in the brightest light anyone could imagine. i remember it like it happened yesterday.

Terry Harris 08 Feb 2006

Very inteesting work! Lots of emotion to this wrok. WOnderful use of colors!

stephanie atlee 08 Feb 2006

very powerful and moving image...well done

Nancy Costley 07 Feb 2006

Captivating story....and work. Great details such as the skulls in the water...