Tragedy One

Tragedy is a very personal little faery. She is something of a self-portrait, and one of my most precious and prized creations. Although each Tragedy is different in appearance, they are all the same being; somewhat of a metaphor for depression and anxiety. The happiness of the brightly-colored clothing, the companionship of a friend, silly masks and other elements of these pieces are a depiction of how I personally try to hide my sorrow from the world around me, all the while feeling torn to pieces on the inside. Appearances are deceiving, and Tragedy is no exception to this rule. Clowns are typically happy, silly, funny, and frilly, but no matter how much clown make-up one wears to try to fool the outside world, Tragedy is still there beating on the inside.


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tim linville 07 Feb 2006

Very rich in many aspects!The color is dark,and the character has a different stance...nicely done!

Jerry 06 Feb 2006

Lovey colors!