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Pen and ink has been around for over four thousand years. One of the oldest writing or drawing mediums in history. Manuscripts, scrolls, books, documents and most important the bible were all produced with a pen and ink. History of mankind was developed, advanced and elevated by pens thousands of years before other major mediums became invented or made. The ballpoint pen is the most sold or used writing or drawing instrument. Bic alone has sold one hundred billion pens of their own. The ballpoint pen is the only pen system to deliver multi-colored oil based inks. Today, ISO or DIN archival ballpoint pens or refill have arrived on our worldwide market place. Presenting things a ballpoint pen can produce is what Ive been doing for the past thirty-eight years and five of those have been on this WWW. Presenting multi-colored ballpoint pen inks to the art community and public worldwide simply documents, records or archive this art medium history. I have published over two million bytes of art and information pertaining to what a ballpoint pen can do as an art medium. This drawing displays gold ballpoint pen ink. For the past five years Im the only artist on the Web with gold and other colors. I have over three thousand five hundred sketches produced with a ballpoint. Red was my over all favorite color throughout almost four decades as a graphic pen artist. Gold is a special, all-purpose color in my opinion or book. Gold's a pleasant color to draw with and it works well with a primary red or blue. This detailed face and colorful surroundings works well as you can see. Theres more to art than imitating a camera. Im a colorist introducing ballpoint pens colored inks as an artist. Changing colors, faces, styles and tip sizes produces excitement plus keeps drawing on the edge or fun! I love the grid because its been very kind to me yet can have fun playing with different colors or subject matters along the way. Let the inks flow! Jerry Stith

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Feb 2009

Very clean and beautiful portrait!

judit dora 26 Jun 2008

Beautiful Job. Great subject.

Kelly Barrett 30 Jan 2008

That you create such beautifully detailed and realistic images from the humble ballpoint pen is amazing! Again, beautifully done!

Heidi Olson 20 Jan 2008

wow, the skin tones are so realistic! Beautiful...simply awesome work!

Federica Bentivoglio 17 Dec 2007

Stunning work, my dear Jerry!