StrangeGirl and her Pet SomeThing

Meet "StrangeGirl and her Pet SomeThing", the first installment of a new series that I call The Freakshow. Each of the artworks associated with The Freakshow will present some sort of factual or fictional side show freak as they existed in carnivals and circuses once upon a time. I am infatuated with the sideshow freaks of old and am greatly inspired by the beauty found within these "oddities". I have created this series in order to show appreciation for the hard, sad lives these people lived and still sometimes do live. Too many people have mocked. It is time for people to admire.


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C DeMaio 16 Jan 2006

very cute, i love the colors...nice work!

stephanie atlee 13 Jan 2006

very nice work on the colors and topic...well done

tim linville 12 Jan 2006

Excellent choice for a running theme!I like the style you've used,here..The image flows very well:)