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Crow dreams

Crow teaches the lesson of Observation. Crows are ever vigilant, observing everything that goes on around them. They are fascinated by the comings and goings of every other thing in their environment. This is not due to a desire to learn, rather a desire for the acquisition of knowledge. Crows are nature's worst gossips and cannot keep a secret to save their lives. In greek mythology, Apollo had a crow for a messenger. Back then, all crows were white as snow. But the crow delighted in giving bad news, so much so that Apollo got fed up and turned the crow black as night. Crows also love the sound of their own voice. But crows are also keepers of sacred law and mystery. Crow teaches us that there are not one two or three worlds but many

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Anonymous Guest

Chris Aleman 31 Jan 2006

I like the focus on color, and the grace of the moment this work displays...bravo!

Herman Serrano 24 Jan 2006

Fantastic piece, very tender and graceful...and i remember the story of the white crow turned black :)

Alan Corbett 24 Jan 2006

Great work maria as are all your works.

C DeMaio 16 Jan 2006

beautiful colors, great work...

Diana Hume 14 Jan 2006

Wonderful imagery! Thanks for the lesson. I love that kind of information! Great painting!