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This is another one from my Art Noveau series....only this one is completely opposite from the first... This about fate... Fate I can show you direction. But you will be the one who will face the road. I can light the way for you. But you will be the one who will take care of a burning fire. I can protect you from cold. But you will be the one who will have to warm your heart. I can answer your questions. But you will have to decide if you want to listen. I can make you laugh. But there will be always moments in your life that you will not want to laugh back. I can show you life with no fear. But I cant protect you from fear of being yourself. I can pray for your happiness. But if you closed your door, how can it get there? I can trust you completely. But if you doubting yourself all the time, how can you trust me?...

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Anonymous Guest

Jessica Gates 30 Aug 2009

Love,love,love this piece

Amy Nolan 29 Dec 2005

WOW! I love this piece. Lovely details.

Maria hedblom 21 Dec 2005

You have a great talant but its so horrible... i guess thats the thought. =)

stephanie atlee 27 Nov 2005

wow...Great work on this and the words are wonderful

Renata Cavanaugh 27 Nov 2005

Fantastic work Maria