+A Thousand Words, Plus Three+

Someone I care about, Had too much to drink. When I visited him at the hospital, The tubes interfered with his speech. So to answer the doctor's questions, He used my pen and sketch book. The doctor asked, "What happed?" He wrote, "Drank a lot." Now that things have settled down, I'm not sure what to say. So I'm useing my fursona Tsuki, To show him just how I feel. In 1,000 words. Plus three. ------------------------------------------------- Tsuki Copyright Me-Lauren Maxwell

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Jhatonna Turner 25 Oct 2005

You know how you colored yourself it reminds me of wolf's rain. You did great on this and I hope your friend in-takes your concern and care for him. Either way I admire your work! ^O^

Christine brand 23 Oct 2005

Love that low level snare!!!

Analua 22 Oct 2005

Fantastic and creative work Lauren!!!

tim linville 22 Oct 2005

Too bad he had too much fun...But the good thing is,he has a friend as great as you,Lauren!I like the background style of writing..it feels like someone of elder knowledge has written it.Hope he will be alright:)