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Atem's puppet

I've drawn a picture like this before, but in that one Atem is holding Yuugi up. I wanted to catch the evil side to Yami no Yuugi. To color it, I used markers and colored pencils... I am so proud of the results.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 30 Aug 2005

eheheheh...........evilness shall dominate the world......THE WORLD I TELL YOU!!!!! AHAHAHAA!!!! is no one laughing with me OR at me?.....and why are they all...........staring.......QUIT STARING AT ME YOU STALKERS!!!! *gets out baseball bat* anyway, good job jess!!! i love this one!!! -Honyou Deamon

Pretty Crimson Eyes 30 Aug 2005

This is absolutely excellent! Very creative idea... It really puts things in perspective and tells the truth about how some things aren't always what they seem.

Lawrence Hickman 29 Aug 2005

very good great job well composed