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I know we all have felt like this at one time. This week I feel overstressed with school and work and people wanting stuff from me and living up to expectations. I don't think I can handle any more of this! I bet Seto feels like a loser often... yeah... *Hugs Seto*


Anonymous Guest

Inuki Ouka 23 Nov 2005

aww so kawai *hugs seto and refuses to let go*^-^ loves seto!

A penn 10 Sep 2005

thats cool!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 07 Sep 2005

Loser......hmmm.....nice title.........anyway....nice image, i love the whole pen and pencil contrast.....just so you know, this message was posted at 5:43 in the morning......your friends love you... *hugs jess* -Hanyou

Pretty Crimson Eyes 07 Sep 2005

This is great! Your style is so awesome and unique!