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Pencil Sketch: Sonya's Girl.

This month I'm only going to submit some sketches. I've been perfecting my sketch technique for some time now. As you all know, the sketch is the base for all painted art from watercolor to oil as well as pastel. I've been trying to incorporate a sketch base to all my renderings to give it a more realistic handpainted look. Now, let me get back to the sketch at hand. I want to thank Sonya for giving me permission to post this rendering of her daughter. I've since added some more tweaks to my method, but this one stands as is. I hope you all like it. Details concerning this rendering (along with a higher resolution version) can be found here:


Anonymous Guest

Emily Reed 01 Aug 2005

Excellent work. Pencilwork is superb.

Malin Hagman 01 Aug 2005

Nice, she┬┤s so sweet.

joan warburton 01 Aug 2005

Beautiful work! Lovely subject!

Christine brand 01 Aug 2005

Moving molecules of light merge into a creation!!! your style lives in the rites of love!!! Unigue n stunning softness! enery full of movemnt!!!