Prelude To A Fall!   (Bubba Makes A Decision)

The same cat as in the Amber and cat photo entitled "Come Down", sits on the roof near the ladder which he used to climb up to the roof, contemplating whether to go down the same way he got up. He did! Now he goes up and down this metal ladder often!

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Kelly Bartlett 18 Sep 2006

Cute picture, Dawn. :)

Loredana 15 Jun 2005

Very Cool Shot dawn Nice Kitty

Valerie Lubinski 08 Jun 2005

Very Cute!

Clif Jackson 08 Jun 2005

It just DAWNed on him that he had better come down! ;)

Christine brand 07 Jun 2005

Wow! He is so Clever! Glad to see he thought it over n decided he was a calculater after all! I am relieved! He looks like a ball of fire! Got that look on his face of Feline Fortitude! Cuter than Cute! Diamond Dawn! Such adventure at your place! thanks for letting us in on the fun! LOL