I love taking baby photos. Especially when they are so adorable and comfortable!/Top Ten winning image March 27, 2005 "photography" catagory

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Kelly Bartlett 18 Sep 2006

Great picture. Very cute little baby. :)

Casey Catton 29 Mar 2005

This photo actually captures the softness of a new born. It is BEAUTIFUL!

Chrystine Shelton 28 Mar 2005

Awwww...how cute! The poor little one is all tuckered out ^_^ Great set-up and such a good subject, if s/he had little wings this would be perfect!

Clif Jackson 27 Mar 2005

Congratulations for the Top 10 win, Dawn -- the reason is obvious! : )

Vivian Allen 27 Mar 2005

What's more beautiful than a child? I don't know of a thing. Marvelous photo!